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Groupings: By grade

    Disciplines: Boys – singles, doubles

                Girls – singles, doubles



  1. WC north and WC south will each have a qualifying tournament before the last week of April.

  2. WC championship: Held after school, during the last week of April.  Top 4 competitors for each discipline and from each grade, from both WC north and WC south attend.  The tournament will be double elimination, with the finals being the best of three.

  3. CWAJHAA – held the 2nd Friday and Saturday of May.

** Top 4 competitors in each discipline and each grade will advance to CWAJHAA**

        (5th will advance in one of top 4 is unavailable)

    Awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze medals to WC championship winners.  Banners for Girls, Boys, Mixed, the banner will be presented to the team which earns the most points at the WC championship tournament. Points will be awarded on these bases:

    1st – 7 points

    2nd - 5 points

    3rd – 4 points

    4th – 3 points

    5th – 2 points

Grade 6’s are only allowed to play if completing a doubles/mixed team if a gr-7-9 player needs a person to form a team.  Grade 6’s are not allowed to play singles. Grade 6’s are not allowed to compete at CWAJHAA in any category

Proper Dress Code is required

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