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  • Playing Rules

  • 1.    Each game shall consist of 4-8 minute quarters with a 10 minute half time.  1 minute in between each quarter.

  •  2.    Game ball:

  •  The game ball shall be a JB77 (Ladies' Olympic size 6) leather  ball.

  •  3.    Over and Back Line:

  •   Over and back line on small courts shall be determined be the coaches and referees before the start of the game.

  • 4. All players on the team must play in the game as it is a developmental league

  • That the WCJHAA Basketball games shall follow the F.I.B.A. Rules with these modifications

  • 1. No 30 second clock

  • 2.  Stalls shall not be allowed at this level.  A 10 second warning shall be used as stated in the rule book.         

  • 3.  No wide key.

  • 4.  We shall use three (3) point shots.

  • 5.  When a team is 20 points ahead, they are not allowed to pick up their man until the center line,  nor are they allowed to use a half court or full court press.  

  •  Clarification:  That is, once the defensive team has gained possession and the ball is out of the key.  For any dead ball             situation, players may pick up their check at half court.      

  •  6.  Basketball Zone Rule-Eliminate half court zone defense.-June 2013

  •  7. Must Play Man to Man in defensive Zone 

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