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  1. Each Zone will be responsible for providing a teacher to officiate / supervise the following events:

Long Jump-------------------WC North

High Jump-------------------WC South

Triple Jump------------------WC North

Discus------------------------WC North

Shot Put----------------------WC South

Javelin------------------------WC South


Track-------------------------Lacombe (timers / placers and a starter )



  1. Zone coordinators please sign up officials (teachers / supervisors) at Zone meet, so everyone knows their responsibilities.


  1. Please inform your students of proper procedures / etiquette for their events. Proper dress code required. No hats allowed during the competition.


  1. Please do not plan on being back for busses, with relays and cleanup we hope to be finished around 3pm-3:30pm.


  1. Overall Wolf Creek winner will be determined by total points; not including the relays.


  1. Relays will be run for fun only.  Relay will not be counted for points but ribbons will be presented.  Relay teams are at the discretion of the zone coordinator.  They may be school reps or combination zone reps.

     A maximum of two relay teams per grade / per zone only.


  1. A schedule of events and results will be posted for participants on the equipment shed.  Announcements will be made for upcoming events.


  1. Announcements will not be heard in cafeteria or behind the shed, please have students aware of the time and their events.


  1. PLEASE inform students:

    1. Do not leave valuables unattended

    2. To be properly attired and hydrated

    3. Do not bring stereos (there is enough trouble hearing announcements)

    4. Remain near track and on school grounds

    5. The cafeteria is open, please eat outside as it is also used by the school at this time


  1. Groupings are as follows:

            Grade 7                       Grade 8                     Grade 9

Students can only be registered in one category.  You may move students up to fill positions, but they must compete solely in ONE grade level.  It is up to the coach to make sure the students are in the correct groupings.



  1. Entry fee will be $3.00 / athlete.  Please bring a cheque made out to Wolfcreek Athletic Association on the day of the meet.



  1. Each competitor may enter up to 5 events (2 track / 3 field or 3 field and 2 track) PLUS the relay.


  1. Points will be awarded to each competitor / school as follows:

1st = 7 points   (ribbon)

2nd = 5 points  (ribbon)

3rd = 4 points    (ribbon)

4th = 3 points   (ribbon)

5th = 2 points   (ribbon)

Completion of event = 1 point


  1. Aggregate (division) winners will be determined by the total number of points awarded in five events.  Competitors registered in more than 5 events or more than one age group will be automatically disqualified and his/her points will not be counted in team standings.


  1. Zones may register

                2 competitors / age group in all short track events (55m hurdles, 100m, 200m, 400m)

                        3 in long track events (800m, 1500m)

                3 in all field events.


  1. Track events will take priority over field events.  It is the responsibility of each competitor to inform the field crews if they are on the track.  Field crews will disqualify absent competitors after the first round of jumps / throws if not properly informed in advance as to track or other field events.


  1. Track and field records with the exception of High Jump must be set during regular events.  Extra jumps may be permitted for high jump in order to set records.


  1. Competitors in field events will be allowed 3 jumps / throws to qualify for the next round.  The top 5 competitors will be allowed 3 more jumps / throws.



    • Hurdles height = 30 inches (lowest setting)

    • Hurdles distance = 12m/8m/8m/8m/8m/11m

    • Shot Put = Girls 3kg/Boys 4kg (all categories)

    • Discus = 1kg (all categories)

    • Javelin =Girls 500g/Boys 600g/165cm (all categories)

    • High Jump-Will look to try to see if set starting measurements to try to avoid DQ’s of athletes participating in other events.


  1. Any discrepancies / problems will be referred to and resolved by the zone coordinators and the Wolf Creek track Coordinator.

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