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  • The wolfcreek volleyball commissioner will be responsible for organizing the volleyball for boys and girls within wolfcreek school division at the following levels:      

  • WCJ school leagues  “A” teams

  • WCJ school leagues “B” teams

  • WCJ League Championships

  • WC WCJHAA “J” volleyball championships

  • WC WCJHAA “JJ” volleyball championships

  • Tournament dates and hosts should be in place by the first meeting in September of the WCJHAA

  • Commissioner will organize the sport of volleyball in accordance with the bylaws of the WCJHAA – article 2

  • WC WCJHAA will provide championship banners for the above WCJHAA championship tournaments

  • WC WCJHAA will provide medallions for the top three teams in the divisional championships

  • WC WCJHAA will provide the league champs with a team award

  • Teams must play in WC League in order to compete for the WC Championship Sept.2013


  • Guidelines:

  • net height of 2.15m for females & 2.24m for males

  • League matches will be played out of 5 games.  Winning team will be awarded 3 points and losing team will receive one point for each game won when the match is still in contention.

  • If a 5th game is needed to decide the match, it will be a rally point game.

  • All players must play 2/5 games in the regular season, until the playoffs.  Then there are no limitations.  

  • It is recommended that league and divisional championships use 3 game matches as part of the format in the round robin and play-offs.

  • WC WCJHAA will play within the guidelines of the CVA.


Volleyball B league rule adaptations:

  1. Teams must use the “volleylite” ball for league play

  2. After 5 consecutive serves the serving team must rotate

  3. No grade 9’s are allowed to play on the B team for any games or tournament play

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